Wildly Drinkable

Small batch low intervention wines made in Ventura County from California Central Coast grapes.

Wildly drinkable wines

We have created beautiful wines which highlight the terroir of the grapes. Starting with quality grapes, we picked them for optimal acidity and sugar to decrease the likelihood of the wine needing additions such as: water, acid, tannin. We use a minimalist winemaking approach in the cellar so the natural yeast and bacteria present on the grape skins perform fermentation to preserve the influence of the terroir. We present dry wines with no new oak so you taste the unique and individual flavors of each grape varietal. This low intervention approach leaves our wine naturally vibrant, fruit-forward, and wildly drinkable.

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Sparkling Grenache Zee Rosy Bubbles Pétillant Naturel, 2021

Pét nat

Sparkling Chardonnay Zee Bubbles, 2021

Pét nat

Rosé Grenache Wheeze the Juice, 2021


Grenache Wheeze the Juice, 2020


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Pét nat, Pét nat

Rosy Pack
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Rosé, Pét nat

Rosy Cheeks 6-pack
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