Natalie Albertson

Owner & Winemaker

Born and raised in California,

Natalie’s love for wine began as she was surrounded by bold reds from the Central Coast, then the various wines grown and made in Temecula/San Diego County in California. When she and her husband, William, moved to Sicily, her world and palate expanded as she lived on Mount Etna and tasted the mineral, volcanic wines from the region. While touring and wine tasting throughout Europe, Natalie’s passion for tasting different varieties grew. On a whim, she took the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 1 certification exam. From there, she began to research taking the leap from tasting to making as she dug deeper into the science behind wine through the UC Davis’ winemaking program.

Upon moving

to Ventura County in January 2020, Natalie sourced grapes grown locally in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, and started making wine during harvest of 2020 out of a passion for adventure and exploration. She intends to create fresh and unpretentious wine that does not need to be saved for a special occasion, as the style of young and crisp wines was something she knew she would miss from Sicily. She is continuing her education with UC Davis and is WSET Level 2 certified.

Wine is

a beautiful accompaniment to any celebration, and Natalie believes that every day should be celebrated.

Land Acknowledgement

We would like to thank the Salinan, Chumash, Kuyam, Tonga, and Micqanaqa'n peoples for allowing us to farm, work, and live on your lands. We understand that these lands were founded upon exclusions and erasures of many Indigenous peoples. We acknowledge these peoples, their Elders past and present, as well as their future generations.

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